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  • DOUBLE FILTER ASSEMBLY- two 5 Gal. capacity filters allow for uninterrrupted work while replacing filter bag
  • FILTER CLOG INDICATOR- built-in vacuum switch indicates when filter is clogged

Standard Equipment

  • 4 high performance aircraft hoses with
    fittings on each end
  • Integrated electric control box
  • Quick plug-in connector for Star machines
  • Safety interlock to operate only when doors
    are closed and main coolant is on
  • Adjustable pressure regulator
  • Liquid filled pressure gauge
  • All necessary distribution blocks for machine
  • 9 ft. of steel tubing for pressure lines
  • Dual gauge system for filter clog detection
  • Through-spindle high pressure coolant interface

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Printable PDF Brochure (USA)


Standard Specifications


Max. output pressure 2000 PSI
Number of output lines 8
Flow rate @ 2000 PSI 5 G.P.M
Motor 7.5 HP
Weight 630 lbs
Power requirements 3 phase 208 V, 22.4 FLA
Type of coolant Oil only
Type of pump Gear
Control type Siemens


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