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The In-Line Cooler cools fluid that is being pumped through it from a separate coolant tank. The digital temperature controller works to maintain the coolant temperature within 0.5° of set-point. The thermister sensor is mounted in the input line and is effectively sensing the sump coolant temperature. A circulating pump is mounted on the coolant tank. The NE-150-IL cooler will cool both water-based and oil-based coolants. The circulating coolant, however, must be clean. A stand alone filter vessel is provided with chiller unit.

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Condensing Unit: A 1.5HP, lifetime lubricated, hermetic compressor. An Air cooled condenser rated for full capacity in a 90° F ambient. Condenser protected by a cleanable aluminum air filter. Full controls for automatic operation including a digital temperature controller, thermostatic expansion valve, high/low pressure switch and hot gas bypass valve.

Evaporator / Heat Exchanger: A stainless steel brazed plate evaporator/heat exchanger designed for 250 PSI working pressure. The cooler is protected from low flow conditions by a 5 GPM, the cooler will be shut down and the red low flow light will come on.

Controls and Cabinet: The cooler is supplied with a NEMA 12 electrical enclosure with a rotary disconnect switch. The control panel provides a pump on/off switch as well as power on, pump on and Low flow pilot lights. All components are mounted in a painted steel cabinet provided with a mounting skid and lifting eyes.

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