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New England Tool Corporation is today the supplier of choice of High Pressure Systems on all "Star" Swiss Machines with thousands of installations throughout the US and Europe.

We welcome your enquires for Swiss applications for your parts, and we are able to submit time studies upon request. We specialize on taking your parts from Bar Stock to a completely automated Turn-Key solution.


Turning center for small precision parts

Multitalent for medical, aviation and automobile industry, this machine is the technical highlight of newest generation.

Based on technology of CNC automatic lathes, high precision and enhanced production of complicated and odd-shaped parts is achieved by the tool spindle.A back-chuck unit mounted on the tool spindle allows machining of all six planes of odd-shaped parts and complex parts up to Ø 25 mm.

  • 10-station turret with single driven stations
  • Pivoting tool spindle with B-axis up to 20'000 rpm, Capto C3 collet unit and 5.5 kw motor
  • 24-station tool changer for tools and pick-up unit
  • Available with pick-up collet unit (standard) or 3-jaw chuck (option)
  • Including high-pressure unit for an optimal cooling of tools
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Tool kinematics

sb16e kinematik

Specifications SF-25

Max. machining diameter Ø 25 mm (63/64 in) (Collet chuck type)
Max. machining length Bar diameter x 2.5 (Max. 62.5 mm)
TURRET Tool post 10 station turret
Number of tools Tool Max. 2 tools / station (16 mm)
Sleeve Max. 3 tools / station
Power-driven tool Max. 2 tools / station
Max. drilling capability Front stationary tools Ø 23 mm (29/32 in)
Front power driven tools Ø 10 mm (25/64 in)
Back stationary tools Ø 6 mm (15/64 in)
Back power driven tools Ø 6 mm (15/64 in)
Max. tapping capability Front stationary tools M12 x P1.75
Front power driven tools M8 x P1.25
Back stationary tools M6 x P1.0
Back power driven tools M6 x P1.0
Tool shank type Capto C3
B-axis pivoting angle 110 deg
Number of ATC tools 24 tools
Max. drilling capability Stationary tool Ø 13 mm (33/64 in)
Power driven tools Ø 10 mm (25/64 in)
Max. tapping capability Stationary tools M12 x P1.75
Power driven tools M8 x P1.25
Back chucking unit Max. chucking diameter Ø 25 mm (63/64 in) (Collet chuck type)
Max. part length for pick-up Bar diameter x 2.5 (Max. 62 mm)
Main spindle speed Max. 7,000 min-1
Tool spindle speed Max. 20,000 min-1
Turret-type power driven tool speed Max. 8,000 min-1
Main spindle indexing angle C-axis control
Tool spindle indexing angle C-axis control
Main spindle motor 3.7 kw / 5.5 kw (built-in motor)
Tool spindle motor 3.7 kw / 5.5 kw (built-in motor)
Turret-type power driven tool motor 2.7 kw / 5.0 kw
Coolant tank capacity 157 L
High pressure coolant tank capacity 149 L
Dimensions (W x D x H) 2,175 x 2,239 x 2,206 mm
Center height 1,100 mm (including leveling pads)
Weight 4,400 kg
Power consumption 12.8 KVA

* Specifications are subject to change

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