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New England Tool Corporation is today the supplier of choice of High Pressure Systems on all "Star" Swiss Machines with thousands of installations throughout the US and Europe.

We welcome your enquires for Swiss applications for your parts, and we are able to submit time studies upon request. We specialize on taking your parts from Bar Stock to a completely automated Turn-Key solution.


The New Fixed Head CNC Automatic Lathe

This new machine is lanuched for parts up to Ø 42 mm.
This machine has 6 axes and a 11kW main spindle motor. Further, main and sub spindle are both equipped with C-axis.

High functionality, high precision and high productivity are only some of her excellent attributes.

Other advantages:

  • Reduced tool selection time achieved by the turret tool post with Y-axis
  • Rigid base and tool post ensure continuous machining with stable accurancy over long periods of time
  • The built-in spindle allows highly accurate indexing

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Tool kinematics

sb16e kinematik

Specifications SG-42

Max. machining diameter Ø 42 mm (1-21/32 in)
Max. machining length Bar diameter x 2.5 (Max. 100 mm)
Turret tool post 10 station turret
Number of tools 1 tool / station (20 mm)
Max. 2 tools / station (16 mm)
Sleeve holder Number of tools Max. 3 tools/ station
Max. drilling capacity Ø 23 mm (29/32 in)
Max. tapping capacity M12 x P1.75
Power driven att. Number of tools Max. 2 tools/ station
Max. drilling capacity Ø 10 mm (25/64 in)
Max. tapping capacity M8 x P1.25
Main spindle indexing angle C-axis control
Main spindle speed Max. 7,000 min-1
Main spindle motor 7.5 kw (continuous) / 11 kw (10 min / 25% ED)
Power driven att. spindle speed Max. 5,700 min-1
Power driven att. drive motor 2.7 kw (continuous) / 4.0 kw (5 min / 30% ED)
Coolant tank capacity 245 L
Dimensions (W x D x H) 2,615 x 1,430 x 1,700 mm
Center height 1,100 mm (3.61 ft) (including leveling pads)
Weight 3,050 kg
Power consumption 7.8 KVA

Backworking attachment SG-42

Max. chucking diameter Ø 42 mm (1-21/32 in)
Max. pick-up part length 100 mm (4)
Max. part projection length 75 mm (2-15/16 in)
Max. part insertion length 100 mm (4)
Sub spindle indexing angle C-axis control
Sub spindle speed Max. 7,000 min-1
Sub spindle motor 5.5 kw(continuous) /7.5 kw (10 min / 40% ED)

* Specifications are subject to change

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