Hardinge Super Precision Turning Centers

T-Series Super Precision

Hardinge T Series SP turning centers are the recognized market leader in Super Precision and hard turning applications. Designed to produce the most challenging parts in the tool industry, the T Series SP takes the platform of the standard Hardinge TALENT series and transforms it into the one of the most accurate platforms in the world, ideal for two axis high-precision machining or any complex multi-tasking operations that require a high level of precision, delicate part handling, and for parts made in a single setup.

Hardinge Super Precision T-42-51-65

T-42 / T-51 / T-65

Spindle Bore 48mm / 60mm / 75mm
Chuck Size 150mm / 200mm / 250mm
Machining Diameter 360mm / 570mm / 570mm

 Quest Series Super Precision

Hardinge QUEST Series turning centers are designed for the quick changeovers you need to dramatically reduce setup and cycle times. QUEST Series machines include our patented, interchangeable top plates that you can pre-tool for a particular job or range of jobs and a world-renowned, quick-change collet-ready spindle.

Hardinge TT-42

GT27 / CHNC27 / CHNC42

Bar Size 27mm / 27mm / 42mm
Chuck Size 4C, 5C, 6C, & 16C