Eurotech Elite B1250 SLY


The B1250 SLY is particulary  suitable for the machinging of ling shafts. THis machine features a long bed with a longitudial stroke of 1310mm and a study CNC automatic tailstock with a 115mm hydraulic quill. The B1250 SLY can accept two versions of automatic steady-rests:


  • positioning  during the cycle by the turret using the Z-axis;
  • true “B-axis” tailstock operating on independent ways and ball screws, positioned by CNC.


The programmable and self-centered steady-rest is suitable for shaft ranging up to 240mm diameter. Positioning as well as opening and closing of the arms is programmable. The steady-rest can be single or double and is available in two versions:


  • “in cycle” version with positioning by the Z-axis slide;
  • “traveling” version operated by the axis motor. The movement  can be synchronized or independed from the Z-axis slide.




Standard Machine Specs

Machining capacity
Bar capacity3.7/3.9”
Chuck diameter21.7”
Max. length between spindle faces47”
Max swing over diameter26.8/19.7”
Main spindle
Max speed3,000 rpm
Spindle nose8″ ASA
Spindle bore4.2/4.4”
Chuck diameter15.7”
Motor power40.2-51 HP
Max torque590-748 lb/ft
Max speed4,500 rpm
Spindle nose6″ ASA
Spindle bore3.0”
Chuck diameter8.3-9.8”
Motor power40.2-53.6 HP
No. of stations16/12
Max no of tools128/12
Tool shank for OD turning1×1”
Tool shank for ID turning1.3-1.6 / 1.6-2.0”
Turret indexing (1 pos)0.3
Cooling system
Tank capacity73.9 gal
Pump normal displacement951 gal/hr
Dimensions and weight
Machine with chip conveyor213.8 x 86.2 x 91.7”
Spindle center height42.1”
Machine weight with chip conveyor1,8518 lbs