Eurotech Elite B750 SLY


Stalion B750 range of machines offer a wide range of spindle choices. Available with bar capacity of 2-5/8″ up to 4.02″, Eurotech integral  motor-spindles are driven by powerful (29.5 to 53.5HP) and high torque (286 to 1014Nm) motors.

Also, the combination of the roller and ball bearings plus the high torque and power range available at low rpm allow superb chip removal rates as well as exceptional surface finish and roundness accuracy.


The programmable and self-centered steady-rest is suitable for shaft ranging up to 240mm diameter. Positioning as well as opening and closing of the arms is programmable. The steady-rest can be single or double and is available in two versions:


  • “in cycle” version with positioning by the Z-axis slide;
  • “traveling” version operated by the axis motor. The movement  can be synchronized or independed from the Z-axis slide.




Standard Machine Specs

Machining capacity
Bar capacity3.7/3.9”
Chuck diameter21.7”
Max length between spindle faces30.1”
Max swing over diameter26.8/19.7”
Main spindle
Max speed3,000 rpm
Spindle nose8″ ASA
Spindle bore4.2/4.4”
Chuck diameter15.7”
Motor power40.2-51 HP
Max torque590-748 lb/ft
Max speed4,500-5,000 rpm
Spindle nose5″ – 6″
Spindle bore2.2 – 3.0”
Chuck diameter8.3-9.8”
Motor power40.2-53.6 HP
No. of stations16/12
Max no of tools128/12
Tool shank for OD turning1×1”
Tool shank for ID turning1.3-1.6 / 1.6-2.0”
Turret indexing (1 pos)0.3
Cooling system
Tank capacity73.9 gal
Pump normal displacement951 gal/hr
Dimensions and weight
Machine with chip conveyor199.6 x 79.9 x 87.4”
Spindle center height42.1”
Machine weight with chip conveyor16,755 lbs