Eurotech Spinner TC300
Category: Spinner


  • Heavy FEM-optimized casting with hardened and grinded box-guideways for high rigidity and vibration damping
  • Very smart construction for low thermal influence
  • Real inclined body for excellent chip and swarf fall without big moving mass
  • Feedscrews with double sided bearing support in X and Y for high rpm and small pitch
  • Direct connection from servo drive to feedscrew for best accuracy, with or without linear scales
  • Tailstock or sub spindle fully integrated on additional CNC-axis


  • High precision spindles produced by Spinner
  • Active temperature control by cooling circuit for minimization of thermal length expansion and certain operating at permanent high speed
  • Full hollow clamping cylinder with strong forces
  • Massiv spindle housing for best damping of vibrations
  • High accuracy bearing Type P2 , APEC9
  • Subspindle – Massiv casting, high stiffness
  • Subspindle – Fully automatic on own CNC-axis „Z2“
  • Subspindle – Easy programming by special cycles




Standard Machine Specs

Max swing diameter 400 mm
Max turning diameter ~200 mm
Max turning lenght 400 mm
Stroke X 180 mm
Stroke Y (option) +40 / -40 mm
Stroke Z 450 mm
Rapid traverse X-axis / Y-axis / Z-axis 15 / 15 /24 m/min
Feed screw diamter x pitch X-axis 25×5
Feed screw diamter x pitch Y-axis 25×5
Feed screw diamter x pitch Z1-axis 40×10
Feed screw diamter x pitch Z2-axis (option) 40×5
Spindle Specs
Max rpm 5,000 rpm
Bore diameter 52 mm
Spindle nose DIN 55026-A6
Power max 23.5 kW
Torque max 150 Nm