Eurotech TD Z800


The spindle is driven through a motor integrated in the headstock body itself.

This construction ensures an outstanding spindle robustness and vibration dampening
that significantly improves surface finish and roundness.

Additionally, spindle acceleration and braking times are shortened by about 20-50% because of the reduced inertia and higher loading capacity of oil-cooled headstocks.


  • Prismatic Box Guide Ways
  • Roller Spindle Bearings (oil cooled)
  • Integral Spindle Motors (oil cooled)
  • 12,000 RPM / 55 lb.ft. Live Tools
  • Laser Compensation in all Axes including C-axis
  • Thermal Sensor in bedplate controls oil cooling:
    Spindles, Turrets and Ballscrew Mounts


Max. turning diameter Ø 550 mm
Max. diameter of swinging over bed Ø 950 mm
Maximum diameter of swinging over slides Ø 715 mm
Distance between spindle an tailstock center 915 mm
Distance between center of spindles 826 mm
X-axis travel 380 mm
Z-axis travel 800 mm
Y-axis travel +80 / -60 mm
B-axis travel 800 mm
Fast feedrate X 30 m/min
Fast feedrate Z 30 m/min
Fast feedrate Y 15 m/min
Fast feedrate B 11 m/min
Maximum speed 4500 rpm
Bearing outside diameter 150 mm
Bearing inside diameter 100 mm
Spindle nose ASA 6’’A2
Spindle inside diameter 61
Maximum bar diameter 52
Chuck diameter 175/210
Chuck bore 56/52
Spindle power 18.7 / 10.7 hp
Turning torque 215 ft-lb
Number of turret positions 16
Section of toolsn 25x25 (Ø50) mm
Changing time 22.5º 0.2s - 180º 0.5s
Interlocking force at 45 bar 8000 kgf 
Number of driven tools 16
Turning speed 12,000 rpm
Sub spindle maximum speed 4000 rpm
Sub spindle bearing outside diameter 170 mm
Sub spindle bearing inside diameter 110 mm
Sub spindle bar diameter 66 mm
Sub spindle chuck diameter 210 mm
Sub spindle bar diameter 66 mm
Sub spindle chuck bore 66 mm
Sub spindle power 29.5 / 20 hp
Sub spindle turning torque 270 / 211 ft-lb
Coolant tank lateral 310 litres
Coolant tank rear 235 litres
Hydraulic oil tank 10 litres
Lubrication oil tank 4 litres
Total weight 8300 kg
Dimensions 2803x1989x1941 mm