Eurotech TX66Y3

The innovative design of this loader allows a part to be loaded or unloaded from the either chuck without stopping the opposite spindle. Unlike a gantry loader where the cycle has to stop for loading, this system allows for continuous production. This feature ensures maximum machine utilisation and minimises cycle times.

The loader arm is fitted with twin grippers that can carry two components up to 3kg each and up to 150mm diameter. Having twin grippers means that both the raw and finished part can be carried at the same time. This reduces the loading time and minimises the distance that the loader has to travel.

  • Available in 2 or 3 turret designs
  • Servo driven turret with true Y-axis
  • Prismatic Box Guide Ways
  • Front & rear roller spindle bearings
  • High quality double anchor pre-tensioned ballscrew.
  • Front and rear roller spindle bearings
  • Fanuc 31-i control with MANUAL GUIDE


Max. turning diameter 255 mm
Max. diameter of swinging over carriage 270 mm
Distance between collet chucks 639 mm
Inside diameter of left spindle 66 mm
Inside diameter of right spindle 52 mm
Strokes upper L Turret XL 190 mm
Strokes upper L Turret ZL 300 mm
Strokes upper L Turret YL +40 / -40 mm
Strokes upper R Turret XR 190 mm
Strokes upper R Turret ZR 635 mm
Strokes upper R Turret YR +40 / -40 mm
Strokes lower D Turret XD 190 mm
Strokes lower D Turret ZD 500 mm
Strokes lower D Turret YD +40 / -40 mm
Strokes Right Spindle 635 mm
Rapid feed Right Spindle 30
Number of tool stations 12
Number of index positions 24
Number of driven tool positions 12
Driven tools maximum speed 6,000 rpm 
Driven tools power 24 hp
Driven tools torque 38.3 ft-lb
Coolant tank lateral 350 litres
Coolant tank rear 250 litres
Hydraulic oil tank 10 litres
Lubrication oil tank 4 litres
Total weight 9,600 kg
Dimensions 2840x2190x2030 mm