• Alzmetall-Specific-Gantry-Concept (ASGK)
  • Grey Cast Iron and Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron Machine Body and Frame components
  • Travel-System-Carriage with incorporated Box-in-Box-System – patented
  • 4-fold Linear Guidance for Travel-System-Carriage and Z-Axis with integrated Motor-Spindle
  • 3-fold Torque-Drives for Swivel-Axis (A-Axis) and Rotary- Axis (C-Axis)
  • Hybrid-Machining-Applications such as: Drilling/Milling/Turning and Grinding at one Clamping-Set-Up
  • Up to 3000 kg workpiece weight including Clamping-Set-Up-Device
  • Path taken X/Y/Z-Axis: 1200 / 1300 / 800 mm


Streamlined Force-Circuit between workpiece and Cutting-Tool in addition to geometrical and symmetrical configuration of the Carriage-Travel-System.


  • Thermal consistency at Tool Center Point (TCP) at X-Y- level
  • Significant reduction of Cutting-Tool costs


  • Contour consistency at highest path velocity
  • Lifetime of Motor-Spindle

Guaranteed Benefits

  • Extremely high Parallel-Path-Precision through two Servo-Drives at each X-, Y-, and Z-Axis
  • Considerably reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over lifetime period of Machining Center



Machine-TypeGS 1400/3GS 1400/5-TGS 1400/5-FDT
Working Range
Traverse Path1200/1300/800 mm
Distance Spindle - Table min./max.187,5/987,5 [203,5/1003,5] mm
Rigid fixed base table
Clamping Surface (w x d)1300 x 1400 mm
13 T-slots acc. DIN 650 at X-Direction18H12 x 100 mm
Alignment-Slot at Table Center Line18H7
Machine-Table Load4000 kg
NC-Swivel-and Rotary-Table
Torque-Drives at Swivel- and Rotary-AxisDirect-Drives
Swivel Range of A-Axis± 140°
Swivel Speed at A-Axis max.30 rpm
C-Axis Rotation360° unlimited
C-Axis RPM max.100 rpm450 [560] rpm
Diameter Machine-Table C-AxisØ 800 mm, [Ø 900 mm], [Ø 1000 mm],
[Ø 1200 x 1000 mm]
T-Slots acc. DIN 6504x18 H12/ 4x18 H7 [1x18 H7/8x18 H12]
Star-Shaped Configuration8 x 45° [9 x parallel]
Machine-Table Center BoreØ 50 H7 mm
Table Load max.3000 kg
C-Axis Rotary-Diameter at A-Axis CenterØ 1380 mm
A-Axis Swivel Diameter (Swing) at X-Axis
Ø 1340 mm
Distance A-Axis-Center to Rotary-Table100 mm
Feed-Drive-System X-, Y-, Z-Axis
Digital AC-Servo-Motors, maintenance free
Max. Rapid Travel X-, Y-, Z-Axis at TCP85 m/min
Feeding Force X-, Y-, Z-Axis at CDF 40%16 kN
High Frequency Motor-Spindle
Cutting-Tool InterfaceHSK-A100 [HSK-A63]HSK-T100 [HSK-T63]
Motor-Spindle-Power at CDF 25 %60 [72] [48] [30] [44] kW60 [48] kW
Variable Speed Range max.14.000 [10.000] [18.000][24.000] [30.000] min-114.000 [18.000] min-1
Motor-Spindle Torque at CDF 25 %350 [508] [170] [96] [40] Nm350 [170] Nm
Tool positions33 [45] [63] [66] [75] [90] [126] [150] [224/250 Rack-Type-Magazines]
Max. Tool Diameter, Chain fully loaded 1)125 [95] mm
Max. Tool Diameter, Chain neighbour positions
250 [150] mm
Max. Tool Length 1)425 [500] [530] [480] mm
Max. Tool Weight 1)32 kg [10 kg]
Tool-Change-Cycle (approx.)9 s
Chip-to-Chip Cycle (approx.)11 s
Linear Encoders X-, Y-, Z-AxisAbsolute Measuring, Incremental Measuring
Positioning Scatter acc. VDI/DGQ 34410,007 mm [0,005 mm]
Angle Encoder System A-, and C-AxisIncremental Measuring
Machine Weight excl. Options31.300 kg31.300 kg
CNC-ControlsTNC 640 Heidenhain, [840 D sl Siemens]