Since our inception in 1999, New England Tool Corporation (“NETC”) has been keeping up with the everchanging demands of the CNC machining market across many different industries such as aerospace, medical, automotive and firearms. New England Tool Corporation, originally founded with the mission of manufacturing top-quality High Pressure Coolant Pumps for CNC machines, is now the exclusive supplier of HP pump systems for STAR Swiss CNC lathes for the Americas and Europe. In 2018, we introduced the brand PressureTech as we continued to expand our product offerings in the world of coolant delivery. Today, PressureTech products include Smart-Table parts carousels, as well as various high-pressure pump models for Swiss & multi-axis mill turn machines.

NETC is a full-service dealer and the exclusive distributor for STAR CNC Swiss lathes as well as Eurotech Elite Multi-Axis Mill/Turn machines in the northeastern United States. We manage sales, service and training throughout the region for both brands, and have added iSwiss Tools (high quality tool and work holders) along with Robotic Advantage (automation integrators) to our portfolio to help our customers with all their CNC-related needs.

With over 20 years of operation, we understand the importance of keeping our customers’ machines running efficiently and therefore provide the most outstanding service and support. NETC holds the highest standards of professionalism, workmanship, management and expertise.

Our Mission is to be the Premier Supplier of
Industry Leading CNC Machinery and Accessories