New England Tool Corporation was formed in 1999 to build high pressure pump systems which are installed on CNC machines worldwide. NETC is also the exclusive distributor for STAR CNC Machines and Eurotech Elite Multi- Axis Turning Centers in the Northeast United States.

As a machine dealer and OEM supplier of high pressure pumps, we are positioned to operate as a tech center and special product development arm for machine tool builders. Since our inception we have branched out into laser cutting and robotics integration. Our mission is to provide unsurpassed technical support and innovation for the machine tool industry.

Our mission is to be a premier supplier
of industry leading CNC machinery for years to come.


Star Swiss Machine,
Service & Repair

Eurotech Elite Multi-Axis
Turn/Mill Machines,
Service & Repair

Full Turnkey Solutions,
from Print to Production

Program Training

Managed Preventative
Maintenance Service

Machine Rebuilding

“New England Tool Corporation is today the supplier of choice of High Pressure Systems on Star Swiss Machines with thousands of pump installations throughout the US and Europe”

“I wish that all the other training I have been trough with other manufacturers would have taught as thorough and open-minded as you have.”

John Nixon, Aesculap


Live Tool Rebuilds

Live Tool Rebuilds

Eurotech front facing live tool evaluation and rebuild today. We will take in any live tools and evaluate and rebuild them for you. This includes bearings, grease and seals as needed.

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Drilling op longer than stroke?

Drilling op longer than stroke?

Another fun demo part. This required drilling 6.5'' when the machine stroke was only 5.2''. Solution - make a custom short projection coolant through holder and change machine parameters to allow additional stroke. Sorry we can't show you the part, but the process was...

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SMART-Table Promo Video

SMART-Table Promo Video

The PressureTech SMART-Table was made in development with our partner Robotic Advantage. This automated parts carousel operates in 3 modes (timer, counter and M-code), features an oil drainage system and is movable from machine to machine.

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