As both the speed and precision of machine tools increases, the control of heat becomes more and more critical to the maintenance of extremely close tolerances. Coolant temperature control can eliminate center line migration on high-speed spindles and heat distortion of machined parts. Lower temperature coolants increase tool life while reducing oxidation and evaporation. Parts positioning can be stabilized by controlling the temperature of hydraulic oils, lubricants, and coolants. Machine tool cooling is still one of our many specialties. We are completely familiar with the challenges of achieving precise control while minimizing downtime in harsh industrial environments.


Cooling Capacity18000 BTU/hr
Pump Capacity8 GPM
Dimensions22″ x 30″ x 46”


Cooling Capacity36000 BTU/hr
Pump Capacity18 GPM
Dimensions32″ x 36″ x 56”


Cooling Capacity60000 BTU/hr
Pump Capacity30 GPM”
Dimensions36″ x 50″ x 56″