NE-150-IL In-Line Cooler
Category: Chillers


In-line coolers are often used in applications where it is advantageous to have the pump mounted on or near the tank to recirculate fluid through the cooler and back to the tank. This type of installation is necessary when the cooler is installed too far above or away from the tank to allow for the use of an Open-Loop cooler.

The In-Line Cooler cools fluid that is being pumped through it from a separate coolant tank. The digital temperature controller works to maintain the coolant temperature within 0.5° of set-point. The thermistor sensor is mounted in the input line and is effectively sensing the sump coolant temperature. A circulating pump is mounted on the coolant tank. The NE-150-IL cooler will cool both water-based and oil-based coolants. The circulating coolant, however, must be clean.


Condensing Unit: A 1.5HP, lifetime lubricated, hermetic compressor. An Air-cooled condenser rated for full capacity in a 90° F ambient. Condenser protected by a cleanable aluminum air filter. Full controls for automatic operation including a digital temperature controller, thermostatic expansion valve, high/low pressure switch and hot gas bypass valve.

Evaporator / Heat Exchanger: A stainless steel brazed plate evaporator/heat exchanger designed for 250 PSI working pressure. The cooler is protected from low flow conditions by a 5 GPM, the cooler will be shut down and the red low flow light will come on.

Controls and Cabinet: The cooler is supplied with a NEMA 12 electrical enclosure with a rotary disconnect switch. The control panel provides a pump on/off switch as well as power on, pump on and Low flow pilot lights. All components are mounted in a painted steel cabinet provided with a mounting skid and lifting eyes.



Rated Cooling Capacity 18000 BTU/hr
5280 W
4500 kcal/hr
Comp. 1 1/2
Standard Pump Capacity 8 GPM
30 LPM
Standard Voltage 208-230/60/3
Standard Dimensions** 22 x 30 x 46 in
56 x 76 x 117 cm
Shipping Weigth 350 LB
160 KG