Eurotech Elite Trofeo B446 SY2


  • Thermal designed cast iron bed
  • Main and sub-spindle equipped with Heidenhein scales
  • Sub-spindle, equipped with ejector and air blow
  • Bar-feeder interface
  • Programmable parts-catcher
  • Programmable gantry system
  • Programmable parts conveyor
  • Programmable chip conveyor
  • Coolant system featuring 7 bar pumps and fi lters
  • Coolant wash-down system to eliminate chips
  • Air shield on main and sub-spindle
  • Two color alarm lamps
  • Air conditioned electrical cabinet
  • Cooled hydraulic system
  • Tool probe for all turrets
  • 12-station servo-turrets with EGS tooling (up to 192 tools)


  • Polygon turning
  • Rigid tapping
  • SBS tool load monitoring system
  • Eurotech Gap Elimination software
  • 500 -999 macro common variables
  • Up to 7 power tools on main spindle
  • Tool life management
  • Stress load management
  • Closed loop sub-spindle ejection system




Standard Machine Specs

Machining capacity
Bar capacity1.77” (2.00”)
Chuck diameter8in
Max length between spindle faces37.5”
Max swing over diameter20.0”
Main spindle
Max speed5,000 rpm
Spindle nose5″ ASA
Spindle bore2.17”
Chuck diameter8”
Motor power20 HP
C axis: min. programmable value0.001°
Max speed5,000 rpm
Spindle nose5″ ASA
Spindle bore2.17”
Chuck diameter6”
Motor power15 HP
C axis: min. programmable value0.001°
Offset stroke4.72”
B-axis: stroke – rapid traverse26.35 – 1,181 in-ipm
Upper turret 1 – Lower turret 2
No. of stations / Max no. of tools12/192
Turret indexing (1 pos)0.15 sec
No. of live tool stations / Max no. of live tools24/48
Speed std./max4,000 / 60,000 rpm
Motor power5 geared HP
X1-X2 axes: stroke – rapid traverse6.7 – 708 in-ipm
 Z1-Z2 axes: stroke – rapid traverse25-21.25 – 1,811 in-ipm
Y1-Y2 axes: stroke – rapid traverse3.54 [-1.57/+2.32] – 354 in-ipm
Cooling system
Tank capacity120 gal
Motor rating of 3 electropumps5 HP
Dimensions and weight
Machine with chip conveyor173 x 85 x 89”
Spindle center height42”
Machine weight with chip conveyor17,400 lbs