Star CNC SL-10
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State-of-the-art small diameter processing is made possible by yet another evolution of design by Star Micronics. The single gang type tool post is laid out vertically to save space which is a new design concept.

The combination of a 5-spindle cartridge-type cross drilling unit and the backworking 6-spindle unit with Y-axis control offers a variety of multi-processing activities. At the same time, the main spindle and faster power-driven tools are designed to optimize small diameter processing.

The debut of the SL-10 with its compact body and high performance marks the arrival of the new generation of small diameter processing special models for you.


  • Main spindle speed 18,000 rpm, sub-spindle speed 12,000 rpm
  • Main Tool Post with 5-spindle Type Cross Drilling Unit
  • A Backworking Tool Post that Expands the Range of Multi-Processing Tasks
  • The 10.4-inch color LCD and the operation panel angled toward the operator improve visibility during operations
  • A Stepcycle Is Equipped as Standard for Effective Chip Breaking
  • A Wider Pitch Between Tools on Backworking Tool Posts



MTDCNC: All new SL 10 from Star


Standard Machine Specs

Max. machining diameter Ø 10 mm (25/64in)
Max. headstock stroke 135 mm stationary guide bush
105 mm revolving guide bush
Tool 6 tools
Sleeve holder 4-spindle
Ø 16mm(5/8in)×4 tools
Ø 22mm(55/64in)×2 tools
Max. drilling capacity Ø 6 mm
Max. tapping capacity M5 x P0.8
Power driven att. Number of tools Cross milling 1 tools(ER11)+Cartridge type 4 positions
Max. drilling capacity Ø 5 mm
Max. tapping capacity M4 x P0.7
Main spindle min. indexing degree C-axis control
Main spindle speed Max. 18,000min-1
Main spindle motor 3.7kW(continuous) / 5.5kW(10min./25%ED)
Rapid feed rate 35m/min ( X1, X2,Y1, Z1, Z2 ), 15m/min ( Y2 )
Coolant tank capacity 109 L
Dimension (W x D x H) 1,865×795×1,815mm
Weight 1600 kg
Power consumption 3.8kVA
 A-weighted sound pressure Max.74dB(A) 

Backworking Attachment

Max. chucking diameter Ø 10 mm
Max. length for front ejection 70 mm
Max. parts projection length 20 mm
Back 6-Spindle unit:  
Number of tools 6 tools
Max. drilling capability Stationary tool Ø6mm
Power driven tool Ø5mm
Max. tapping capability Stationary tool M5xP0.8
Power driven tool M4xP0.7
Sub spindle indexing angle C-axis control
Sub spindle speed Max. 12,000min-1
Sub spindle motor 0.55kw (continuous)/1.1kw (15min.)