Star CNC SR-10J Type C
Category: Star CNC


The SR-10J offers efficient, accurate high speed small diameter machining within a compact footprint. Equipped with Fanuc’s powerful 32i-B CNC control and a 10.4” colour screen this model is the ideal replacement for cam-controlled lathes.

The SR-10J employs a slant-type guideway structure for the platen on the main spindle. This rigid guideway construction enables stable cutting conditions increasing tool life and machining efficiency. The independent sub spindle and four station back-working tool post with driven tool capability increases overlapped machining opportunities. Both main and sub spindles are equipped with full C-axis control and clamping mechanisms for stable milling and drilling applications.


  • High speed processing with 35m/min rapid rates
  • Main spindle speed 15,000 rpm, sub-spindle speed 10,000 rpm
  • Z1 Stroke of 105mm
  • Parts up to 70mm can be front ejected
  • 10.4” Colour display for user friendly operation
  • Electronic hand-wheel with retrace function
  • 4 Station sub-spindle platen for maximum overlapping
  • Compact footprint & ergonomic design




Standard Machine Specs

Max. machining diameterØ 10 mm
Max. headstock stroke135 mm stationary guide bush
105 mm revolving guide bush
Tool6 tools
4-Spindle sleeve holderNumber of toolsFront 4 tools
Rear 4 tools
Max. drilling capacityØ 6 mm
Max. tapping capacityM5 x P0.8
Power driven att. Number of tools3 tools
Max. drilling capacityØ 4 mm
Max. tapping capacityM3 x P0.5
Main spindle min. indexing degreeC-axis control
Main spindle speed Max. 15,000min-1
Main spindle motor2.2kw (continuous)/3.7kw (15min.)
Rapid feed rate35m/min (X,Y,Z,XB,ZB)
Power-driven att. spindle speedMax. 10,000min-1
Power-driven att. drive motor0.5kw
Coolant tank capacity85 L
Dimension (W x D x H)1865 x 775 x 1695 mm
Center height1,050mm
Weight1400 kg
Power consumption3.5KVA

Backworking Attachment

Max. chucking diameterØ 10 mm
Max. length for front ejection70 mm
Max. parts projection length20 mm
Back 4-Spindle unit: 
Number of tools4 tools: OP
Max. drilling capabilityStationary toolØ4mm
Power driven toolØ6mm
Max. tapping capabilityStationary toolM3xP0.5
Power driven toolM5xP0.5
Sub spindle min. indexing angle15°:OP
Sub spindle speedMax. 10,000min-1
Sub spindle motor0.55kw (continuous)/1.1kw (15min.)