Star CNC SW-20
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The SW-20 comes equipped with opposing tool posts for simultaneous machining on the main spindle and an 8 station back working platen for overlapped machining on the sub-spindle. The opposing platens can be used to machine different features at the same time by using Star’s unique “super-positioning mode” function and the independent Z3 axis. This enables even shorter cycle times as more operations can be overlapped. Fanuc’s user friendly 31iB5 CNC control ensures programming the three channels is simple and undemanding. In addition the control is equipped with STAR MOTION CONTROL. This function re-formats the cutting program to minimise idle time and further reduce cycle times.

The Y2 axis on the sub-spindle platen allows both cross working and front facing power tools to be mounted.


  • Standard machining diameter 20mm (22.2mm OPT)
  • Z1 Stroke of 205mm
  • High speed main and sub-spindles @ 10,000 rpm
  • Same power on main and sub-spindle @ 3.7Kw
  • Opposed twin platen for balanced machining on main spindle
  • Super-positioning mode with independent Z3 axis
  • STAR MOTION CONTROL to minimize idle time
  • 8 Station sub-spindle platen for maximum overlapping
  • Ergonomic design with up & over door and swing out control




Standard Machine Specs

Max. machining diameterØ 20 mm (25/32 in)
Max. headstock stroke (Standard)205mm (8 in)
Tool post configurationFront Turning Tool + Power-driven tool
RearTurning Tool + End working stationary tool + Power-driven tool
Number of turning toolsFront 4 tools (12mm/16mm)
Rear2 tools (12mm/16mm)
4-spindle sleeve holderNumber of tools Front 4 tools
Rear 2 tools (max. 4 tools)
Max. drilling capacityØ 10 mm (25/64 in)
Max. tapping capacity M8 x P1.25
Power driven att.Number of tools Front: 3 tools
Rear: 3 tools
Max. drilling capabilityØ 8 mm (5/16 in)
Max. tapping capability M6 x P1.0
Max. milling capabilityØ 10 mm (25/64 in)
Max. slotting capability 1.5mm (W) x 4mm (D)
Main spindle indexing angleC-axis control
Main spindle speedMax. 10,000 min-1
Main spindle motor Built-in motor drive
2.2kw (Continuous)/3.7kw (10min/25%ED)
Dimensions (W x D x H)2,588 x 1,150 x 1,765 mm
Weight3,500 kg

Backworking Attachment

Max. chucking diameterØ 20 mm (25/32 in)
Max. length for front ejection80mm (3-5/32 in)
Max. work projection lengthØ 30 mm (1-11/64 in)
Number of tools8 tools
4-spindle unitMax. drilling capability Stationary tool: Ø 10 mm (25/64 in)
Power-driven tool: Ø 8 mm (5/16 in)
Max. tapping capabiiltyStationary tool: M8 x P1.25
Power-driven tool: M6 x P1.0
Sub-spindle indexing angleC-axis control
Sub-spindle speedMax. 10,000 min-1
Sub-spindle motorBuilt-in motor drive
2.2kw (Continuous)/ 3.7kw (10min. /25%ED)
Power-driven att. spindle speedMax. 8,000 min-1


Expansion Coolant Tank for SW-20

  • 240 Liters capacity
  • Double volume of oil
  • Better heat-dissipation.