Apprenticeship Program News

May 2022

New England Tool Corporation will be participating in the apprenticeship program again this year, this time partnering up with Manchester High School right here in Manchester, CT where we are located!

The Smart Table blog

Over the years, we have participated in several apprenticeship programs, but this year’s program is most exciting to us. Over the past few months, we have toured the Manchester High School manufacturing program several times and had the chance to speak extensively to their instructors and students. Seeing so much emphasis on building a manufacturing workforce right here in Manchester, CT gives us hope for an increase in a skilled workforce much quicker than anticipated. Also, seeing so many students show an interest and passion for manufacturing tells us this program is already impactful!

As many employers are currently experiencing, we are also having challenges in hiring a skilled workforce and are getting creative to address the workforce gap our industry is enduring. Participating in this apprenticeship program will enable us to train a future employee from the ground up. There are many other benefits to participating in apprenticeship programs, including an increase in employee retention, the hands-on training will create a skilled workforce not only for us but possibly for our customers too, and various tax or state funded benefits.

Most countries have a high apprenticeship program participation rate in manufacturing. For example, in one European country, 70% of the workforce starts their career with an apprenticeship program. We hope to see more apprenticeship programs here too and a more rapid growth in the manufacturing workforce.
We’re happy to do our part!