Star CNC SX-38 Type A/B
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The latest series from Star Micronics is the SX Series, a versatile, powerful and heavy-duty solution for machining complex mill-turn parts. Combining some of the best features from the SV, ST and SR series, the new SX-38 Type A gives users the opportunity to expand their machining capabilities and maximize productivity.

The Star SX-38 Type A/B, a 12-axis compact Swiss-style machine with slant-bed construction, maximizes productivity for difficult-to-machine materials up to 42mm diameter.  The capability to keep 80 tools resident with high horsepower motors means heavy metal removal rates and flexibility.  B-axis surfacing with up to 135 degree travel handles up to 0.5″ diameter tooling.

This high-functioning, large-diameter model – with gang-type and turret-type tool posts – serves the precision machining requirements demanded by the medical, automotive, and aviation industries. The gang-type tool post is equipped with the 4-spindle counter face milling unit with B-axis control function.


  • Standard machining diameter 38mm
  • Z1 stroke of 320mm in Swiss mode, 95mm in non-guide bush mode
  • Enhanced functionality includes, the gang-type tool post is equipped with the 4-spindle counter face milling unit with B-axis control function *1. Control of turning angels at the range from 0 deg. to 90 deg. and from 0 deg. to -45 deg. is possible.
  • In addition to type A, quick-changeable turret-type tool post enabling use of the existing tool units, type B, turret-type tool post with one-position tool drive mechanism is lined up
  • The layout of the tool post with slanted bed frame greatly improved setup and maintenance workability
  • The 4-spindle counter face milling unit employs the structure for holding the upper and lower ends.
  • The hydraulic rotary cylinder installed in the main chucking mechanism secures stable gripping force regardless of variation of workpiece diameters
  • The thermal sensors installed on various positions of the machine achieve highly accurate and flexible thermal displacement correction




Standard Machine Specs

Max.machining diameterStandardø 38mm (1-1/2in)
Max.headstock strokeStandard320mm (13-19/32in)
R.M.G.B.unit289mm (11-3/8in): OP
N.G.B.type95mm (3-47/64in)
Tool post configurationGang typeTurning tool
+ Power-driven tool
Number of turning toolsGang type4 tools
SleeveNumber of toolsMax. 3 tools / Station
Max.drilling capabilityø 23mm (29/32in)
Max.tapping capabilityM16 × P2.0
Power-driven attachmentNumber of toolsGang typeFront: 4 tools,
Rear: 4 tools
Max.drilling capabilityø 10mm (25/64in)
Max.tapping capabilityM8×P1.25
Spindle speedGang typemax.6,000min-1
Turret typemax.5,700min-1
Drive motor2.2kw
Rapid feed rate30m/min
Main spindle indexing angleC-axis control
Main spindle speedmax.7,000min-1
Main spindle motor7.5kw(Continuous)/
Coolant tank capability284 l
Dimensions (W×D×H)2,955 × 1,430 × 1,975mm
Power consumption14,4kVA

Backworking Attachment

Max.chucking diameterø 38mm(1-1/2in)
Max.length for front ejection150mm(5-7/8in) projection length75mm(2-61/64in)
Sub spindle speedNumber of toolsStationary toolMax. 8 tools
Power driven toolMax. 8 tools
Max. drilling capabilityStationary toolø23mm (29/32in)
Power driven toolø10mm (25/642in)
Max. tapping capabilityStationary toolM16 x P2.0
Power driven toolM8 x P1.25
Power driven att. spindle speedmax. 5000min-1
Power driven att. drive motor1.2kW / 2.2kW
Sub spindle indexing angleC-axis control
Sub spindle speedMax. 7000min-1
Sub spindle motor7.5kW / 11kW