Star CNC SR-20J Type C
Category: Star CNC


The SR-20J type C sliding head lathe is ideal for small length-to-diameter ratio parts. Production costs for short-turned parts are further reduced through the lack of a revolving guide bush, therefore greatly reducing remnant lengths.

A total of up to 30 cutting tools are still available including 14 power-driven tools for cross drilling, milling, slotting and angular hole machining. The new 2 position deep drilling station allows drilled holes up to 10mm diameter by 100mm deep to be carried out on the main spindle.

The fully independent sub spindle has a full C axis and coupled with polar co-ordinates creates a virtual ‘Y’ axis thus enabling the machining of hexagon, square or other profiles.


  • Full 20mm Bar capacity in both Main and Sub spindles
  • Six Turning Tools
  • 6 Front End working tools
  • 4 Independent Rear end working tools (8 static or 6 driven)
  • 5 Driven tools as standard (up to a maximum of 14)
  • ‘C’ Axis standard on Main spindle and Sub spindle
  • Maintenance free Linear Guideways
  • Fully independent Sub-spindle
  • 35 mpm Rapid Traverse
  • Independent deep hole drilling Spindles – Main spindle
  • Shorter Remnant Length




Standard Machine Specs

CNC control unitFanuc 18i-TB
Number of axes7
Max. machining diameterØ 20 mm (23 mm option)
Max. headstock stroke 205 mm standard
172 mm rotary flexibe guide bush
Max. main spindle speed10'000 rpm
Main spindle indexingC-axis (0.01°)
Main spindle motor2.2 kw / 3.7 kw
Number of tool stationsGang tool post 6 turning tools
4 power-driven tool stations
4-Spindle sleeve holder 4 tools frontworking
4 tools backworking (interpolation possible)
Max. drilling capacityØ 10 mm 4-spindle sleeve holder
Ø 8 mm power-driven attachment
Max. tapping capacity M8 x 1.25 4-spindle sleeve holder
M6 x 1.0 power-driven attachment
Max. milling capacityØ 10 mm
Coolant tank capacity170 L
Dimension (W x D x H)2200 x 1200 x 1700 mm
Weight2200 kg

Backworking Attachment

Max. chucking diameterØ 20 mm
Max. pick-up part length80 mm
Max. part protection length30 mm
Max. sub spindle speed8'000 rpm
Sub spindle motor1.5 kw / 2.2 kw
Number of tool stations4 stationary or power-driven tools
Max. drilling capacityØ 8 mm stationary tools
Ø 5 mm power-driven tools
Max. tapping capacity M8 x 1.25 stationary tools
M4 x 0.7 power-driven tools
Max. feed rateall axes 35 m/min