Star CNC SR-32J
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The SR-32J sliding head lathe is the ideal solution for medium complex parts in the 32mm class. The rigid slant type guideway structure allows stable heavy duty machining on tough materials.

Numerous cartridge units such as angular drilling, thread whirling, front off-center drilling, deep-hole drilling and thread rolling attachments are available to increase the versatility of this SR model.

The optional oversize F40 kit enables the machine to manufacture components up to 35mm in diameter.

The independent sub spindle has a fully programmable C axis. Polar co-ordinate control is also included as standard, allowing profiles such as hexagons and squares to be machined in overlap.



  • Standard machining diameter 32mm (35mm optional)
  • Slant–type guideway structure for heavy duty cutting
  • Z1 Stroke of 310mm
  • Six 16mm turning tools on the platen
  • 5 Cross working power tools (including 2 modular stations)
  • C-axis control on main and sub-spindles
  • 4 Back-working power tools available
  • Ergonomic, swing-out operation panel with Fanuc 32i-B control




Standard Machine Specs

CNC control unitFanuc 18i-TB
Number of axes7
Max. machining diameterØ 32 mm
Max. headstock stroke310 mm standard
280 mm rotary flexibe guide bush
Max. main spindle speed7'000 rpm
Main spindle indexingC-axis (0.01°)
Main spindle motor5.5 kw / 7.5 kw
Number of tool stationsGang tool post 6 turning tools
4 power-driven tool stations
4-Spindle sleeve holder 4 tools frontworking
4 tools backworking (interpolation possible)
Max. drilling capacity Ø 13 mm 4-spindle sleeve holder
Ø 8 mm power-driven attachment
Max. tapping capacity M12 x 1.75 4-spindle sleeve holder
M6 x 1.0 power-driven attachment
Coolant tank capacity174 L
Dimension (W x D x H)2711 x 1275 x 1750 mm
Weight3100 kg

Backworking Attachment

Max. chucking diameterØ 32 mm
Max. pick-up part length125 mm
Max. part protection length45 mm
Max. sub spindle speed7'000 rpm
Sub spindle indexingC-axis (0.01°)
Sub spindle motor2.2 kw / 3.7 kw
Number of tool stations4 stationary or power-driven tools
Max. drilling capacityØ 813 mm
Max. tapping capacityM10 x 1.5
Max. feed rate all axes 24 m/min