Tri-Mist 1000
Category: Mist Collectors


High-Efficiency Mist & Smoke Removal
Up to 99% per ASHRAE 52.2. Effective on all metalworking fluids.

Economical Operation
Triple-Pass ESP Technology operates on less than 450 watts and does not require disposable filters.

Easy Installation
The TRI-MIST 1000 is compact and can be directly mounted to the machine tool enclosure. Optional flex-duct and inlet plenum options allow for ceiling, wall, or floor mount installations.


Longest warranty in its class with a 48 month limited warranty. Better built – Better backed!



Dimensions 26” x 13.75” x 26” Inlet Opening: 16.70” x 9.10”
Cabinet 16 ga. Steel welded with chemical resistant powder paint
Weight 115 lbs Installed; 145 lbs. Shipping
Efficiency Up to 99% per ASHRAE 52.2
Filtration 1st stage two 2” mechanical impingers
Filtration 2nd stage ESP cell 53 sq. ft. of surface area (Minimum voltage gradient is 20,000 volts per inch.)
Filtration 3rd stage ESP cell 53 sq. ft. of surface area
Filtration 4th stage ESP cell 53 sq. ft. of surface area
Filtration 5th stage 1” thick post filter
Filtration 6th stage Optional HEPAMAX filter rated at 99.97% DOP @ .3 micron
Airflow 50-1000 CFM
ESP Power Supply Solid state & self-regulating
Electrical Rating
115 V , 50-60 HZ, 4 amps
200-240 V, 50-60 HZ, 2 amps. (Standard)
400-480V, 50-60 HZ, 1 amp
Note: Voltage must be specified when ordered. Input voltage cannot be changed in the field. Units are usually ordered to match the machine application to be powered in tandem.  
Impeller Vibration free, backward curve rated at 1100 cfm @ 0.0” w.g.
Sound Levels 69 dBa
Additional Features
Triple Pass ESP Technology
Coated cells
Motor and control prewired
Variable Speed Controller
Optional Accessories
Source capture plenums
6th Stage HEPA
Floor mount stands
Ceiling hanging kit
Flex Duct