Top 10 benefits of using coolant

By Michal Orzechowski

Using high pressure coolant could save time, money and overall improve machining performance. Yes, sometimes the mist can be a nuisance and it’s another maintenance task to keep high pressure pump clean but there are more benefits than drawbacks.

Here are the top ten reasons to use coolant:


  1. Smoother finish
  2. Reduces cutting tools wear
  3. Longer tool life
  4. Anti-corrosion protection for machine
  5. Lower power consumption
  6. Reduces heat rapidly so the machine can run continuously for long periods of time
  7. Prevents the chips from getting welded into cutting tools
  8. Improves machining accuracy
  9. Reduced recutting of chips, especially when milling deep pockets or narrow slots
  10. Reduces cycle time – allows for increased speeds and feeds
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To be clear, I personally can’t imagine a machining process nowadays without high pressure coolant and some applications will not be possible without it. To be competitive on machining market it is necessary to use coolant thru tooling and with all the benefits they offer there’s no way to go back to low flow cooling only.